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Cold water saved me

I started my Cold water journey in 2020 after losing my son to suicide. Little did I know this would be life-changing. This is something that I share with my guests when they come to stay at ravens river rest. You're invited to take a cold water plunge with us every morning at 8 a m. We start by smudging followed by a card reading, tapping our bodies to start moving Chi energy. Then we call in our ancestors to help us in our healing session. What I've learned from my indigenous culture. It is important to have our ancestors guide and help us through the letting go process. Or the messesges we need to hear. We all have a cultural background and it's important to connect with it. To know that we are here today because of what our ancestors have endured. To know that we carry their strength and their knowledge within our DNA system. Are you ready to let go and release? At ravens river rest You will be surrounded by healing energy from this sacred land and your cultural leader Linda. Come let you mind be free!

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